Comprehensive Educational Consulting Services

Fostering Partnerships Between Educators, After-School Programs, and Curriculum Providers

LyricosTM can be integral in bringing together educators, after-school programs and the latest curriculum to maximize your organizations competitive potential.

Sourcing Outstanding Teachers & Content Delivery to Students

LyricosTM provides consulting services to aid educational providers in selecting innovative educational platforms for online STEAM-based content delivery.

Competitive Research & Recommendations

The LyricosTM comprehensive competitive analysis and research service looks at all competitive offerings in your area of operations and offers meaningful insight into student demographics, optimum program structure, pricing and competitive positioning.

Program Delivery Options & Recommendations

The LyricosTM services portfolio includes assisting your organization in evaluating and designing an educational program that can be delivered in-person, online or via live remote sessions. Importance is given to identifying a scalable, multi-level program that is agnostic to delivery mechanisms.

Platform Evaluations, Recommendations, & Implementations

Selecting educational platforms can be a time consuming and daunting challenge in today’s world where a myriad of choices are available.  Take advantage of the LyricosTM creative and methodical consulting services approach to cost efficiently identify the best platform for your organization.

Relationship Management & Collaboration

LyricosTM services provides collaboration expertise to facilitate relationships between key stakeholders in the educational ecosystem.  Forging collaborative relationships with key influencers can dramatically affect your organizations growth. LyricosTM leverages its extensive contacts in the educational community to offer valuable insights to your organization.

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